Switch Pros PowerTray ** Back ordered till 6-25-18**
Switch Pros PowerTray ** Back ordered till 6-25-18**
Switch Pros PowerTray ** Back ordered till 6-25-18**

Switch Pros PowerTray ** Back ordered till 6-25-18**

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** Back ordered till 6-25-18**

The Switch Pros/Blue Sea PowerTray provides a well thought out design for all your aftermarket wiring needs.

Putting an end to dashboard clutter is easy, with the Switch-Pro Switch Panel Power System. Featuring eight user-programmable switches, this compact panel is the most advanced and versatile on the market. Compatible with iPhone and Android based Smart Phones, you can command your vehicle accessories with the touch of your handset screen.

The 100 amp power module is built with solid-state, automotive components, and uses no mechanical relays or fuses. It is COMPLETELY SEALED, allowing you to mount it under the hood of your rig. The module monitors ignition and lights input, features built-in, over-temperature and over-current protection, allows you to choose Ignition or Battery input for any/all of your accessories, and allows for a designated Master Switch.  
Note: The Blue Sea 6 circuit fuse box is added only to aid the user by providing a place to wire all-time-hot accessories such as usb outlets, fridge power, front mount cameras, hood/bed lights, ect. For accessories such as these, either the accessory is not meant to loose power or an outside source provides the switching capabilities. Apart from the fuse box mounting next to the Switch Pros and using the stubby cables to jumper its power from the positive post of the Switch Pros,  the Blue Seas Fuse Block and Switch Pros  Switch Panel are independent of each other. 

Specifically designed with your vehicle in mind.

  • Waterjet cut out of 1/8" Brushed Aluminum.
  • Perfectly bent to match the angle of the inner fender.
  • PowerTrays achieves unparalleled stability with the use of an additional support leg that secures the far side of the tray to the lower fender.
  • Ships right to your front door with full color instructions and all mounting hardware needed for instal.
  • Made in Colorado

Product Includes:

1 Switch Pros/ Blue Sea PowerTray
1 Support Leg
1 Hardware Bag 

Recommended for use with:


      Manual transmission models require a relocation bracket for the clutch fluid reservoir. 
      Automatic transmission models do not have to relocate anything. 


      This option has more to to do with Tacoma models as the braking system changes between models. 

      4Runners / FJ Cruisers / GX 470 vehicles don't really need to worry about this question and can select N/A if model is unknown.

      Note: The upmost care is taken to ensure the brushed aluminum finish is blemish free. However, due to all the manufacturing processes that are required to deliver a finished product, small surface blemishes may be present.