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Custom Length Battery Cables

Custom Length Battery Cables

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All battery cables are made in house with high quality, USA Made welding cable.

  • Fine strand welding cable is superior to typical automotive battery cable due to its high amperage capacity and flexibility.
  • Each cable comes wrapped in a braided expandable sleeving to protect from abrasions.
  • Marine-grade adhesive lined Heat shrink keeps out the harsh environment
  • Professionally Crimped Tinned Copper Battery Cable Lugs.

**(Important) Please leave a detailed description in the note section of your shopping cart, specifying what/ where each side of the cable is attaching to.

Format: specify which cable - source location and stud size // Load location and stud size.


  • 4AWG Pos (5FT) - Off-Grid Engineering (OGE) passenger side aux battery and attaching to a Dual MRBF Fuse Holder (1/4 stud) // Switch Pros (5/16 stud) on Switch Pros/Blues Sea PowerTray.
  • 4AWG Neg (1FT) - Main Battery with OEM terminals (5/16 stud) // Blue Sea Ground Busbar (1/4 stud) on Switch Pros/ Blues Sea PowerTray.
Notice how each example indicates the location of the Power Source and Electrical Load (accessory), plus the stud size for the proper size battery cable lug.

    *Failure to include this information in the note section of your shopping cart may result in a longer wait period AND/OR your order may be canceled.

    *Custom battery cables and electrical accessories ship in 1 week or less from date of purchase.