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     Cable Routing for Dual MRBF install:

    Pretty self-explanatory from the pictures but the Dual MRBF mounts directly to the positive post on the battery and provides circuit protection for both the Blue Sea 5025 fuse block (100A) and Switch-Pros 9100 (125A).

    For the Power Cables, connect the load side first and the source (battery) side second. Install the rubber grommet first; Then push the 24" fuse block cable through from underneath. We custom make the fuse block cable with a smaller 6 gauge battery lug to better fit through the rubber grommet. Note: If the grommet wants to pop out when pushing the cable up through, use some lubricant on the lug/heat shrink area and wiggle the cable in a circle motion until it's through the rubber grommet. once though, bend the cable down and secure it to the Blue Seas 6-circuit fuse block.

    Next bolt the 26" (slightly longer) SP cable to the positive stud on the Switch-Pros base power module. With both power cables securely attached to the load side, you can attach them to the Dual MRBF terminal fuse holder.

    Lastly, run the 14" ground cable from the Blue Seas Busbar to the factory chassis ground bolt found on the inner fender close to the negative post on your battery. Pro Tip: It's easier to first attach the cable to the chassis ground bolt and then the busbar. Note: The factory chassis ground bolt will have an "E" stamped into the head. 


    Boom you are now #wiredforadventure!