Stubby Cables For Switch-Pro / Blue Sea PowerTray

Stubby Cables For Switch-Pro / Blue Sea PowerTray

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Well you guys have been asking for them!

These little cables offer the cleanest way to get power to your Blue Sea fuse block, But only when installed on the Switch-Pro / Blue Sea PowerTray.

Normally, when run in conjunction with a Switch-Pro the fuse box has little power needs, items such as hood lights, bed lights, usb outlets, etc. don't require a lot of power so the Stubby Cables are very convenient. However... It is ultimately up to you to know and understand your power needs.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. -Uncle Ben

Just keep in mind when utilizing this setup, the fuse box and Switch-Pro can't exceed the capacity of the inline fuse. If your power needs exceed 100A between the two accessories at one time, it is recommended that you run a separate fused cable to power the Blue Sea fuse block. 

Kit includes 2 cables

  • 1 Stubby Power
  • 1 Stubby Ground
*1' Fender Ground cable sold separately
Custom battery cables and electrical accessories ship in 1 week or less from date of purchase.