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    2020+ 4Runners have this additional relay box that will need to be relocated in order to install the PowerTray.

    Step 1: Slide the relay box out of its bracket by squeezing the two side tabs and unbolt the bracket from the vehicle.

    Step 2: Remove the little locator tab by either cutting it off as I did or you could simply bend it up and out of the way

    Step 3: Flatten out the bends on the vertical side of the bracket so it can sit closer to the fender. 

    Step 4: We need a little more wiggle room for the relay box to install back in this cavity. So use a little straight out pressure and simply pop out this clip. Discard and throw it in the spare parts bin.

    Step 5: Slide the relay box back into the bracket and remove the cover so you can get a wrench on the bolt to tighten it into the threaded M8 bolt hole closest to the firewall.