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    My name is Maverick, I moved to Colorado while still in High School back in 2006. Soon after I became obsessed with camping and off roading where I discovered the freedom and solace in getting out of the city and exploring everything this world has to offer.

    While splitting my time between work and college, I would always find time for outfitting my Tacoma. However, I soon found the need for a way to mount my electrical accessories in a clean, well organized manner. With nobody making a product that fit my needs, I got to work making my own. After fabricating my own platform that was tailored to my needs, Many other inquiries from members of the community started pouring in and became evident that the set up I created for myself also fulfilled many others requirements. So I decided to make a few more and see how people liked them. Since the first production run I have been slow growing PowerTrays and now have expanded to over 20 different products across six vehicle platforms.

    However, one thing I want to stress is that this is a passion of mine. Right now I’m just a home-gamer doing my best and figuring things out as I go. I’m still trying to balance everything as I split my time between work and college, only now work is to help others outfit their vehicles.

    I appreciate everyone's support and patients as I grow at a pace that does not sacrifice quality or service. It may sound dorky but I considered every one of my customers my friend and don't want to disappoint. I'm finding myself struggling to keep up with the high volume of emails I receive daily. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me, however please do keep in mind that I no longer do electrical consultations and if you need help planning out electrical or are unsure of what your electrical needs are, you should first reach out to the off road community for advice.