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    We are passionate about delivering high quality, innovative DC electrical solutions for both commercial and recreational use. With many years of experience behind us we have become the leading manufacturer of DC electrical mounts in the off-road and overland communities.

    PowerTrays came into existence manufacturing aluminum mounts that house and organize DC electrical components. Initially, we specialized in manufacturing just the mount itself, but we’ve since added full accessory bundles that supply everything else one would need to to install a complete ancillary power system to power their adventures.

    We lean towards building most of our products from aluminum. It’s a wonderful metal to work with, it’s strong but very light and it doesn’t corrode like stainless steel. In many cases the products we make will surpass the life of the vehicle for which they are designed.

    We pride ourselves in designing all of our products in-house and tend to over engineer everything to make sure its a perfect fit and the installation as easy as possible. Hence our motto; Power Made Easy. 

    Our vehicle specific mounts are in a class all of their own. First, they are strictly designed to install without any modification needed to the vehicle and at the same time won’t cover up any critical components that may need accessed for repairs or maintenance. Engineering products to be easy to install, without any modifications to the vehicle, and keeping crucial components clear from obstruction is part of our commitment to provide a well engendered product. Power Made Easy is more than just a motto - it's our promise.

    Our focus since the very beginning has been to help the average person tackle their own electrical systems. DC electrical can be overwhelming when you first start out. We create full comprehensive install guides for our products as well as provide full after purchase support to answer and questions that may arise along the journey.

    Our name is synonymous with quality and great workmanship. We pride ourselves on training our staff with the right level of skills to ensure we bring the best possible product to market. 

    While our facility and showroom is located in Boulder Colorado, we can ship all over all over the world and have authorized dealers in nearly every state. Our distribution is designed to make sure our products are available no matter your location, allowing you to access quality products quickly and conveniently.