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Freequently Asked Questions

When will my item be shipped?

Shipping is of our upmost concern. We here power trays understand that we live in a world of Amazon prime and minute rice. Most orders of in stock items will be shipped next business day. However, custom battery cables and certain electrical components may take up to a week before complete.

Where do you ship from?

PowerTrays HQ located in Boulder Colorado.

Is there a phone number I can call to talk to someone?

Unfortunately not, I'm kind of a one-man show and I had to remove my personal phone number from the contact page because most people are wanting to have an electrical consultation, which proved to be far too time-consuming and difficult.

How do I find out which electrical accessories I need for my build?

I'm afraid this is a question where 50 different paths can lead you to the same destination. I recommend reaching out to your local off roading community and see what their thoughts are.

Does the switch pro need a fuse box?

What is the purpose of the Terminal block and Bus bar?

You don't offer a PowerTray for the electrical accessories that I want to run?