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    When will my item be shipped?

    Most orders of in stock items will be shipped in one business day or less. However, custom battery cables and certain electrical components may take a few extra days.

    Where do you ship from?

    Boulder Colorado.

    How do I find out which electrical accessories I need for my build?

    I'm afraid this is a question where 50 different paths can lead you to the same destination. I recommend reaching out to your local off roading community and see what their thoughts are.

    Does the Switch-Pro setup need a fuse block?

    Nope, a fuse block simply gives the user the ability to wire up accessories that they don't want going through their Switch-Pros. Things like hood lights and bed lights are normally preferred to have a switch located close to the light themselves. Also, items that should be all-time-hot like USB ports, 12V fridge outlets, aftermarket horns, HID headlights, CB radios, etc. can be wired to the fuse block and not need to take up one of your eight switches.

    Why don't you bend the finder-side opposite so the M8 fender bolts can be tightened easier?

    The number one comment I hear as feedback is that it's really difficult to tighten the two M8 fender bolts underneath the tray. I hear you and I understand your frustrations. However, PowerTrays are purposefully designed to mount this way and keep the fender mounting bolts concealed underneath the tray for a number of reasons. First, it looks cleaner and offers more usable space as accessories can be mounted right up to the fenders edge. No need to leave dead space for the bolts to be installed. Secondly, raises the platform which allows PowerTrays to be made with more surface area because it is elevated above the wiring harnesses that come out of the brake assembly. Another huge advantage is PowerTrays provides more working room underneath the tray. In my opinion this is the biggest benefit because when you are wiring things up, having more room underneath allows you to route wires though and around much more easily. We feel that even though the install can be made easier by flipping the fender bend it's honestly not that difficult in the first place and you only have to install once, but you'll be wiring and modding for years to come. 

    Whats the deal with using a terminal block?

    Switch-Pros recommends that when wiring accessories into your system to solder the accessory’s positive wire directly to the power modules output wires. They even goes as far as explicitly recommending against using a terminal block, stating that wires are left exposed and susceptible to water and corrosion. However, terminal blocks have long been the standard for wire management and organization in DC electrical systems for both automotive and marine environments. When using proper ring terminals supplied with adhesive lined marine-grade heatshink, you ensure that the output wires are sealed from the elements.