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    A picture's worth a thousand words! So here's a bunch of pics and even a short video showing the Dual Circuit Breaker accessory bundle. This install was completed on a 2020 Toyota 4Runner, but it applies to other Toyota models as they have almost the same layout. Hopefully we'll have time to create a dedicated write-up soon. But for now these pictures should give a good idea on how it works and how to route the power and ground cables. 

    Note: The Dual CB bundle comes with 4 power cables. All power cables have specific sized battery lugs for the various stud sizes they attach too. All 4 cables will have one side that has a larger hole in the lug. These larger 3/8" holes attach to the CB's after you've mounted them to your factory fuse box lid. Once the power cables are attached to the CB's you'll then connect the other sides to the Switch-Pros and Blue Seas fuse block, then the battery last.