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    **NOTE: Pictures show our larger Original PowerTray but the following steps will still show how to install the Essential PowerTray. Also, it's usually easier to add your accessories to the PowerTray before installing it. 

    Step 1: Bolt the PowerTray to the Inner Fender.

    Remove your fuse box cover to give you more room for your hand. Start with the back bolt closest to the firewall. Angle the tray up while you begin threading the M8 flange bolt by hand.

    Now rotate the tray down so you can install the forward most M8 fender bolt. (Tip: You can keep the tray tilted up for more hand room.)

    Finally center the PowerTray between the factory fuse block and master cylinder. Then use a small ratchet with 12 mm socket to finish tightening the two fender bolts. 

    Thats it for the install! Go ahead run your power and ground cables and wire everything up!