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    Wiring Switch-Pros Ignition and Light Sense Wires:

    The Switch-Pros has three voltage sensing wires used to control some of the features showcased by the unit. The light blue wire is the ignition sense wire and it is required in order to turn on and begin programing the Switch-Pros. The other taps are optional and include a light sense (White wire used to dim the switch panel when you turn your lights on at night) and a trigger tap (Pink wire, this will be unique to each build, some have used this to tap into their reverse lights to simultaneously tigger their aftermarket backup lights).

    The following steps show how we like to bundle the three wires together before bringing them up into the fuse box where we'll tap into the vehicles ignition and light sense wires.

    Step 1 - Group the 3 wires together and wrap approximately 18 inches of Techflex (supplied by Switch-Pros) and seal both ends with heatshrink. 


    Step 2 - Bring the wires up into the factory fuse box by following the factory wiring harness.

    These pictures show how to use a zip-tie to aid in bringing the wires up into the factory fuse box.

    Note: I then added another piece of tape wrapped in the opposite direction. This is so the tape doesn't get hung up when pulling the bundle up through. Also use some lubricant to help it slide though.

    Step 3 - Use your Low-Profile add-a-circuit fuse taps to make the final connections.

    Note: Factory fuse box layouts may vary depending on your specific year/options. These connections were made on a 2018 Tacoma TRD Off Road. (Fuse tap closest to the engine was the ignition sense and the tap closest to the fender was used as the light sense)

    Boom with the Switch-Pros now integrated into your vehicles electrical system the last step is to provide the system with power and ground cables.

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