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    The main reason we run fuses is because if a positive battery cable is accidentally grounded, the rapid discharge of energy may/will cause a fire. Also it prevents the load from either drawing more current than it, or the cable, can handle. But most of us are aware of our energy consumption and properly fuse our accessories so the protection is more for the cable that gives power to the fuse block, than the fuse block itself.

    The most common cause of grounding a positive wire is usually user error... However, more serious cases happen all the time. We definitely put our trucks through their paces, and as a result the high vibration/abrasion battery cables are subject to can easily wear through the protective coatings on the cable over time. Worse yet, in the event of an accident a cable can get pinched and start a fire that way too.

    Circuit breakers are great for the user error scenario, because it only happens for a second and we can just reset it. But it's important that your circuit breaker be placed as close to the source (battery) as possible, otherwise you're leaving a stretch of the cable unprotected.

    I always recommend fusing your power cable directly at the source with a Marine Rated Battery Fuse. It's the best way to guarantee your safety because 100% of the cable will be protected if anything were to happen. Also it mounts directly on the battery terminal, so there's no need to have a separate mounting space allocated for it.