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Blue Sea 12 Circuit Fuse Block

Blue Sea 12 Circuit Fuse Block

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The Blue Sea ST Blade Fuse Block can offer a space saving and cost effective solution to adding circuit protection when there are limited available circuits on your primary distribution panel.

ST Blade ATO/ATC fuse blocks consolidate branch circuits and eliminate the tangle of in-line fuses for aftermarket electronics. Their robust design makes them ideal for marine and vehicle DC electrical systems.

All buses and fuse clips are tin plated copper for corrosion resistance and optimal electrical conductivity.

ST Blade fuse blocks utilize a specialized fuse clip that is designed to hold fuses in place in the harshest conditions.

All fasteners are stainless steel. Screws contain a captive star lock washer for a faster more secure installation. Studs utilize flange nuts for a simpler and safer installation. Fuses sold separately.

Mounting Hardware: 

    4 high quality M4x0.7 stainless steel machine screws with matching K lock nuts will securely fasten this fuse box to the PowerTray and keep it there. Hardware comes the exact length needed for a professional looking install.

    Recommended Products:

    It is recommended that all positive battery cables be fused at the power source (Positive Terminal of Battery). 
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