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Blue Sea 2151 Dual MRBF Terminal Fuse Block

Blue Sea 2151 Dual MRBF Terminal Fuse Block

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The highly popular Marine Rated Battery Fuse (MRBF) is ideal in automotive applications. 

Due to the high vibration/abrasion battery cables are subject to, extra steps must be taken to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

If a power cable is accidentally grounded by either wearing through the protective coating on the cable or being pinched in an accident, the rapid discharge of energy may/will cause a fire. 

To combat this, PowerTrays doubles up the protection by adding a second layer of braided, abrasion resistant, cable sheathing around all custom cables. However, fusing your power cable at the source with an MRBF is the only way to guarantee your safety if anything were to compromise a power cable. 

  • Dual MRBF design provides high current protection in tight space locations for multiple circuits
  • Ideal circuit protection for high powered devices
  • Isolated stud design uses standard 1/4" hardware and permits stacking of terminals
  • Insulating cap prevents accidental shorts
  • Hardware included
  • Fuses are an additional $13 each
  • Maximum Amerage: 300A 


  • 40A - medium sized loads such as the ARB Air Compressors
  • 100A - high power devices such as Fuse Boxes / Switch Pros SP 8100 / sPOD 
  • 200A - Heavy Duty, Ideal for starter / Alternator / Jump starting 
  • 300A - Super Dudy, High Output Alternator / Winch
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