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Blue Sea 4 Circuit Compact Fuse Block

Blue Sea 4 Circuit Compact Fuse Block

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Blue Sea 5045 4 Circuit Fuse Block can fit where others can't.

Provides surface mount circuit protection for ATO/ATC fuses in a compact footprint. Single side design allows wire entry from one side to minimize footprint. 100 Amp max per block, 30 Amp max per circuit. Includes clear snap-in cover. Fuses not included.

All fasteners are stainless steel. Screws contain a captive star lock washer for a faster more secure installation. Studs utilize flange nuts for a simpler and safer installation. Fuses sold separately.

Mounting Hardware: 

    2 high quality M4x0.7 stainless steel machine screws with matching K lock nuts will securely fasten this fuse box to the PowerTray and keep it there. Hardware comes the exact length needed for a professional looking install.

    Recommended Products:

    It is recommended that all positive battery cables be fused at the power source (Positive Terminal of Battery). 

    **Electrical Accessories may take up to one week to ship.