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    Clutch Fluid Reservoir Relocation Guide for Tacoma

    Clutch Fluid Reservoir Relocation Guide for Tacoma

    Start by unbolting the CFR from the inner fender.

    Then attach to the CFR to the two M8 studs on the relocation bracket.

    Line up the bracket with the fender-side bend on the Powertray. (The bracket will sandwich between the Powertray and fender)

    Move the Powertray in place and begin threading the supplied M8 flange bolt into the factory threaded hole closest to the firewall.  Tip: Keep the Powertray slightly angled up for better access to this hole.

    Once the first M8 bolt is installed, slide the Powertray and CFR bracket as far back (towards the firewall) as it will go. Also remove the factory fuse block cover. This will provide easy access to install the forward most M8 flange bolt.

    Use your fingers to tighten the bolts as far in as you can. Then finish tightening with a 12mm socket. Tip: using a small 1/4" ratchet will make tightening these bolts easier.

    Last step is to make sure the semi-flexable hose that comes out of the CFR is routed correctly. The extra hose should coil nicely and can be tucked behind the OE wiring harness on the inner fender.

    Now the CFR is out of the way and you can proceed with the rest of the install.